Power Engineering

Our offer allows for comprehensive supply of the energy market in the assortment such as:

  • Whirling poles type E, EM, EU, EO, EOC
  • Reinforced concrete poles type ZN, GM, OŻ
  • Bases and foundations
  • Skating poles mounted on whirling poles type E, EM
  • Pole transformer substations of whirling poles type E, EM
  • Galvanized steel structures for the construction of overhead lines of medium and low voltage
  • Connectors pole medium voltage overhead and drives CNS III-24/4, ON III-24/4, OUNp, ONpRUN III-24/4, RN III-24/4, RUNp, RNP
  • Accessory power cable and linear medium and low voltage
  • LV switchgear pole-mounted transformer station RS-C

The company originated in a straight line from the long-term licensed manufacturer of power structure to build lines and transformer stations. Many years of experience in deliveries for Power Plants for all over Poland guarantees reliable and complete customer service, as well as professional assistance for individual customers.

Krzysztof Żurawski +48 56 655 91 55 ext. 329 mob. +48 668 111 063 k.zurawski@centrostalhandel.pl